100dof's software is used by a diverse user base. Below is a short list of some of the most flattering and inspirational testimonials we have received!

"Nice little program, definitely a convince I cant live without."
Frank, 16/5/2008

"Hi great software, my kids are getting a kick out of it right now. Thank you."
Joseph, 3/6/2008

"... Nice App ...This is the closest I have ever found to an app which will allow me to rest a book on my keyboard while programming. ... hanks for submitting to the PD :)"
Tim, 29/07/2008

"Hi, Just to say thank you for kid-key-lock. A wonderful program..."
Kristian, 3/10/2008

" I have used the Kid Key Lock for some time and the idea is brilliant and the software is simple, small size and does the job"
Aamir, 2/12/2008

"Very cool program..."
Mateo, 4/12/2008

"I've spent *YEARS* looking for this piece of software. Thank You! ... Again. Thank you for this fantastic 'Little App' "
Tim, 5/12/2008

... I am very glad that I found your software. I will like to make a small donation as a form of my gratitude....
Larry, 11/1/2009

"This is an awesome lock!!"
Julie, 17/2/2009

"I haven\'t tried it yet, but thank you for writing Kid Key Lock! I\'ve wanted exactly this program for ages!"
Scott, 20/2/2009

"...poli oraio kai eukolo sti xrisi programataki, bravo!"
Michalis, 23/2/2009

"Thanks a lot for your excellent and simple wallpaper changer. It is quick and easy to use and uses absolutely no system resources."
Chaim, 24/2/2009

"Thanks for the 100dof Wallpaper Rotator, it works very well and quickly under XP"
JLJ, 1/3/2009

"Congratulations for this program and keep doing it !!! thanks,"
memo, 14/3/2009

"Thanks and kudos for providing such a useful, simple, well-crafted program."
Michael, 16/4/2009

"Hi, I learned about Kid-Key-Lock from Maximum PC, and it looks like a really useful program."
Dustin, 21/4/2009

"Hi there, Thanks for your simple, but great application in Wallpaper Rotator. I like it a lot."
martin, 30/5/2009

"Hello, I had downloaded your product KidKeyLock. It was absolutely wonderful!"
Rushil, 26/9/2009

Hi! I love Key Lock! It allows my 1.5 year old daughter to watch movies on my laptop without her inadvertently stopping the movie by hitting the space bar etc. The only disadvantage is that ... Would be great if you'd consider implementing this feature, although I must say that I'm already really happy with the program as it is! So thanks again for a great product!"
Johannes, 20/10/2009

"A great program. Thanks!"
G.B., 11/11/2009

"Hello, First of all I'd like to thank you for the Kid-Key-Lock program. This is exactly what I needed for my 20 month old son. So far he didn't find his way to get around Kid-Key-Lock (unlike other programs)..."
Michal, 23/12/2009

"Hi, Are you going to write a version for Mac?"
R., 30/1/2010

Nice Delphi app. Simple GUI, great options. ... Thank you for the free app!
Joseph, 21/2/2010

"Hi Guys, i am using kid key lock on every PC because of my 3 1/2 yr. son."
Karl, 31/5/2010

"Thank you for your program. I like it so much . I have kid 1 year old. Thanh you"
N., 15/9/2010

"Hi, I'm testing your software & its very useful. I wanted to host an encrypted software on a Windows server but do my best to protect it. I've actually tried your software as one level of protection & it works perfectly except... "
Barry, 1/10/2010

"Very nice programm...Helps me when my brother tries to invade... "
Lucas, 1/11/2010

"Hi 100dof: I found your Kid-key-lock and it's a great program..."
JPX, 16/11/2010

"excellent application to protect our softwares and documents from our kids for whom laptop and desktop is the object of play"
Amit, 16/12/2010

"The gadget is really cool..."
Asad, 25/12/2010

"Hi; Love your software for disabling the keyboard"
Sam, 26/12/2010

"Awesome product. My daughter likes to watch Dora the Explorer on the PC, but she keeps pressing keys on the PC and randomly makes her way to the control panel, the HD etc... This program allows her to play around with the keys without any risk. Nice!"
Anonymous, 2/2/2011

"Hello! Have a very keyboard-loving cat and Kid-Key-Lock saves me a lot of time and trouble, especially when watching movies where kitty tends to fast-forward or use a variety of other keyboard commands."
Yeonni, 19/5/2011

"hi there, just wanted to say thanks for the superb kidkeylock thingy, very useful!... keep up the good work!"
Mark, 13/6/2011

"First I'd like to say that I think this program is great, it's exactly what I was looking for."
Andy, 26/6/2011

"Kid-Key-Lock is simple and sweet, thanks alot"
Mike, 18/7/2011

"Bloody brilliant!!!!!! Absolutely fantastic. This is the most marvelous program I have used in years. I play Everquest extensively and Microsoft's screensaver crashes the program. Finally I have something to use to keep the kids off my computer when I have to go afk. Absolutely, incredibly, marvelous!!!!"
L.D., 12/11/2011

"Excellent program. Simple, but highly functional..."
F.B., 18/11/2011